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Information about my ex employer 1

I try to flashback my memory with my first employer, a branch of Shell in Sri Putri, Skudai. I started working there with my neighbor sons, I called them as Idris a.k.a Angah and Joe, when we just finished our SPM.

I just worked there about four to five months before I continue my study in lower six at SMK Mutiara Rini 1.

Here, I attach some information about Shell Malaysia. Enjoy Reading!

Fact File - Shell in Malaysia

Shell Globally

· The aim of the Shell Group is to meet the energy

needs of society, in ways that are economically, socially

and environmentally viable, now and in the future.

· Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemical

companies, operating in more than 140 countries and

territories, employing more than 109,000 people.

· Shell serves over twenty million customers a

day through some 40,000 service outlets in more than

90 countries worldwide.

· Shell's Retail network is the largest in the


· Shell Renewables is one of the five core businesses

of the Shell Group, established in 1997 to develop

commercial opportunities in both solar and wind

energy. Active in over 90 countries spanning Europe,

the Americas, Africa, the Middle east and Asia Pacific.

· The company traces its origins to a business

set up in 1833 in London by Marcus Samuel which

traded in oriental sea shells.

· For more information visit

Shell in Malaysia

Shell Malaysia engages in three main revenue

generating business sectors, namely Exploration

& Production (SM-EP), Gas and Power (SM-GP)

and Downstream Oil Products (SM-DS). We have

also established several hub businesses in Malaysia,

which provide services and expertise to the Asia

Pacific region and, in some cases, globally. We aspire

to be the 'Top Performer of First Choice' by operating

our businesses efficiently, responsibly and profitably.

We aim to have a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

performance that we can be proud of , to earn the

confidence of customers, shareholders and society at

large, to be good neighbour and contribute to sustainable

development. In pursuing high standards of performance,

we seek a long term presence in Malaysia; striving to

help all our stakeholders, improving their quality of life,

while contributing to the nation's progress towards delivering

Vision 2020.

· Shell Exploration and Production (EP)

· Shell Downstream Oil Products (OP)

· Shell Gas & Power (GP)

· Regional and Global Support

Shell has a long history in Malaysia having been in

this region for more than 100 years. We aspire to

be the top performer of first choice and uphold honesty,

integrity, and respect for people as core values,

supported by professionalism, trust, pride in Shell and

openness. There is more to Shell than a famous brand.

In Malaysia, the company has a more than a century

old history, which began when it first traded at local and

regional ports in the early 1890s.

Shell's vision is to be "THE TOP PERFORMER OF FIRST

CHOICE". In line with its business objectives, Shell

Malaysia's key operations are focused in three main

sectors: namely, Exploration and Production (EP),

Downstream Oil Products (OP) which comprises

Manufacturing, Marketing and Distribution, and Gas and Power (GP).

Shell Exploration and Production (EP)

Shell Malaysia Exploration and Production business has

concentrated on the efficient development and extraction

of crude oil and - increasingly - natural gas offshore

Sarawak and Sabah. Following the introduction of the

Petroleum Development Act (1974), which places the

custody of the nation's hydrocarbon resources with the

national petroleum corporation, PETRONAS, Shell's EP

sector conducted its business through Production

Sharing Contracts (PSCs).

Shell Malaysia EP operates as production sharing

contractors to PETRONAS, the national petroleum corporation;

on a joint-venture basis with PETRONAS Carigali (the

EP arm of PETRONAS) as well as other partners.

Shell Malaysia’s business is entering an era where it

operates under a rapidly changing and increasingly

complex & competitive environment. This includes

venturing into the relatively more challenging - and

costly - deepwater exploration and production in Sabah

and Sarawak.

In addition, its pursuit of operational excellence has seen

the deployment of various state-of-the-art, cost efficient

technologies in the field. Examples are the application

of the region's first multilateral drilling and smart-field

technology. E&P has also successfully implemented

many innovative technologies to boost production and

drive down operating costs.

We take pride in our environmental management leadership

in the oil and gas industry as many of our environmental

management systems are self-initiated and driven; and

in instances, even surpass local regulations. The first oil

and gas company to obtain the ISO 14001 certification

for sound environmental management of our exploration

and production operation

Shell Downstream Oil Products (OP)

Our main activity is in the manufacturing, trading,

supply, distribution, marketing and selling of:

· Main Fuels : gasoline, aviation fuel,

diesel, fueloil

· Specialities : LPG, bitumen, lubricants,


· Components and Feedstocks

But we are also increasingly involved in

· provision of services and solutions

· convenience retailing

And we are a global player

· with 50 refineries worldwide

· customers in over 125 countries

· assets worth US$20 billion

· annual sales over US$100 billion

Our business structure consists of 7

classes of business...

· LPG - marketing and selling of bulk

and domestic LPG

· Marine - marketing and selling of fuels

and lubes to marine customers

· Aviation - marketing of aviation fuels

and lubes to airlines

· Retail - retailing of fuels, lubes and

convenience goods through retail stations

· Commercial - marketing and selling of

fuels, lubes, bitumen, services and solutions

to commercial customers

· Trading - trading of crude, fuels, components

and feedstocks

· MSD - manufacturing, supply and distribution

of fuels, components and feedstocks

These businesses are organisations that are either

regional or global in nature. For example, Shell

Malaysia Downstream Oil Products (SM-OP) is part

of the Shell Downstream Oil Products East Zone

organisation that stretches from Middle East to Australia.

Shell Malaysia's Downstream sector refines and

markets crude oil, lubricants and other petroleum

products, and has over 870 stations nationwide.

Shell also operates the country's world-scale complex

refinery at Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

In the commercial business sector we serve over

half a million retail customers a day and more than

4000 industrial and commercial customers.

Shell Gas & Power (GP)

Converts natural gas to liquid hydrocarbon products

via Shell MDS technology and markets the products

globally. Shell is also a Joint Venture (JV) partner

in two LNG ventures in Bintulu, Sarawak.

Shell is the majority shareholder and operator of

Shell MDS (Malaysia) Sdn Berhad which owns the

world’s first commercial Gas-To-Liquids (GTL)

plant of its type in Bintulu. Shell MDS supplies

ultra-clean GTL products to over 30 countries. The

Bintulu GTL-blended diesel made history when it

powered an Audi R10 TDI, the first diesel-powered

car to win the world-famous Le Mans 24-hour

race in June 2006. This winning feat was repeated

for the second time in June 2007 when the

synthetic GTL Fuel powered Audi R10 TDI once

again took the chequered flag in a thrilling race.

Shell is also a shareholder in PETRONAS-operated

Malaysia LNG Dua Sdn Bhd and Malaysia LNG Tiga

Sdn Bhd, holding a 15% equity in each venture.

The business involves the liquefaction of natural

gas to LNG in Bintulu and sales and marketing

of LNG mostly, to north-east Asia.

Regional and Global Support

Specialised functional initiatives support the core

businesses of the Shell Group operating in

Malaysia, the region and globally. These include:

· a human resources consultancy that renders

regional HR transactional services, and coordinates

and facilitates regional transactional services, and

coordinates and facilitates regional HR best practices

and benchmarking;

· the largest of three global IT centres providing

comprehensive desktop support services to the Shell

Group in over 130 countries from Cyberjaya; and one

of the three Centres of Excellence for eHosting which

provides infrastructure and security services, applications

development and support for SAP and eBusiness applications;

· an offshore company engaged in intra Group

funding, activities primarily for Shell companies in Malaysia;

· a regional shared service centre that provides

management, financial, accounting and administrative

products and services to the Shell Group in the Asia-Pacific


· a technology and consultancy services company

for regional clients in the LNG/ Gas and refinery businesses;

· asset and maintenance management services

consultancy based around six core service 'solutions' -

Fluid management, Energy management, Environmental

management, Maintenance management, Logistics

management and Facilities management - to customers

in Thailand, Australia and New Zealand;

Shell Malaysia Limited (992653-D)

Incorporated on 28th February 1911, it is owned by Shell

Overseas Holdings Limited and The Asiatic Petroleum Company Limited.

Shell People Services Asia Sdn Bhd (364800-W)

Incorporated on 25th October 1995 and is wholly

owned by Shell Overseas Holding Limited.

Shell Information Technology International


SITI in Malaysia is an MSC-status company located in

Cyberjaya. Having 1300 staff and contractors in its

employ, it showcases a culturally-diversified and

culturally-sensitive work environment of 22 nationalities

from countries in Asia, Australasia, United States and


SITI is the global hub for some of the Shell Group’s

major IT activities. Its service portfolio includes IT

infrastructure services such as Desktop, Applications

Hosting, Helpdesk, and Telecommunications.

Collectively, these services involve the support of

more than 1,500 servers and 115,000 desktops

across the Shell Group worldwide. It also provides

business applications support and applications

development, both predominantly SAP-based.

SITI operates on a truly global basis, and provides

an opportunity to showcase Malaysian IT talents to

the global Shell audience.

Incorporated on 22nd May 1997 and is wholly owned

by Shell Information Technology International

Holdings B.V.

Shell Treasury Malaysia (L) Ltd (LL02648)

Incorporated on 14th November 2000 in Labuan

under the Offshore Companies Act, 1990, it is

wholly owned by Shell Petroleum Company Limited.

Shell Shared Service Centre Kuala Lumpur

Sdn Bhd (503619-D)

Incorporated on 24th January 2000, it is a wholly

owned subsidiary of Shell Overseas Investments B.V.

More information about Shell Shared Service Centre Kuala Lumpur

Shell Global Solutions (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd


Over the last century, Shell has built up a vast

body of knowledge, skills and experience.

Through our Global Solutions network of technology

companies, we share our expertise with customers

in a wide range of industries - from Automotive

Manufacture to Motorsport; and from Chemical

Production to Refining.

With over 3000 professionals worldwide, Shell Global

Solutions offers a comprehensive range of technical

expertise and resources to work with customers to

maintain their competitive edge, optimise plant and

process performance, formulate and develop new

products and manage operational safety and

environmental challenges more effectively.

Companies choose to work with us for all sorts of

reasons. Some want a fresh set of eyes to look

at the barriers between them and their goals.

Others want to compare their performance

against the rest of their industry, using our unique

and extensive databases built up over years of

operational experience. Companies often call on

us for advice and support to become 'best in class'.

Whatever they need from us, our customers are

assured of quality services backed by ISO9000 certification.

Asia is poised to experience the largest increase in

energy demand of any region in the world over the

next 20 years. With a growing customer base,

Shell Global Solutions (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd has

been established as an Asia Pacific headquarters

in the Petronas Twin Towers to further strengthen

its working relationship with customers by

ensuring an efficient and highly effective service

delivery, and to be the flagship consultancy

operation in the region.

Shell Global Solutions (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd was

incorporated on 15th May 2002 and is wholly

owned by Shell Manufacturing Services B.V.

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