Friday, March 12, 2010

Effort--> Wish you luck KI


1. struggle, striving. Effort, application, endeavor, exertion imply actions directed or force expended toward a definite end. Effort is an expenditure of energy to accomplish some objective: He made an effort to control himself. Application is continuous effort plus careful attention: constant application to duties. Endeavor means a continued and sustained series of efforts to achieve some, often worthy and difficult, end: a constant endeavor to be useful. Exertionis the vigorous and often strenuous expenditure of energy, frequently without an end: out of breath from exertion.

Wish u all the best K I for your current system development projects ..

Trip to Sedili..

Trip to Sedili, Kota Tinggi..

B'tolak 15 Feb 2010 around 9am..

Activity : Fishing, having our lunch (special paprik made by KI.. hee..)
After 2 hours tak dapat ikan..... jeng3...

Our friend and KI's brother, get excited swimming.. and KI get jealous la suddenly.. hehe..

Another person being jealous --> a friend of mine actually, sbb dia tak dapat ekut. Sorry dear, if u followed us on that day, for sure u will get excited to go swimming with them.. ahaks!
Next time la ea yana..hehe..

p/s : Sorry la penulis adalah seorang yang kadang2 jek boleh turun mandi laut.. sbb tu penulis menasihatkan KI agar tak turun laut join budak2 tu... huhu...

Ikan Haruan Palas

Ikan Haruan Palas merupakan ikan air tawar. Nama sainsnya Channa melasoma.

Ikan Haruan Palas mempunyai warna kebiru-biruan di sebelah bawah badannya sementara bahagian lain berwarna agak gelap. Ikan Haruan Palas mendiami kawasan-kawasan berpaya dan kawasan-kawasan yang kandungan Ph airnya rendah. Diet utamanya adalah anak-anak ikan dan juga udang, katak, cengkerik, dan cacing.

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