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  • Responsible on the cost control, product costing, pricing and profitability simulation.
  • In charge of all costing management reporting & related matters.
  • Assist in cost analysis, Monthly closing and Forecast preparation.
  • Assist in any other ad hoc duties and assignments.
  • Able to prepare financial accounting & reports
  • Good in Microsoft Excel.
  • Responsible for the total completion of monthly financial and management reports for Product Department.
  • Monthly Review and analysis.
  • To work independently and as a team.
  • To meet deadlines for monthly settlement of accounts.

Night auditor at hotel industry

night auditor is a person who works at night at the reception of a hotel. They typically handle both the duties of the front desk agent and some of the duties of the accounting department. This is necessitated by the fact that most fiscal days close at or around midnight, and the normal workday of the employees in the accounting department does not extend to cover this time of day.

In larger hotels, night auditors may work alongside other nighttime employees, such as security officers, telephone attendants, room serviceattendants, and bellhops. In smaller hotels and motels, the night auditor may work alone, and may even only be "on-call", meaning that once he or she completes running the daily reports, the auditor retires to an area away from the desk while remaining available to attend to unexpected requests from guests.

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Accounting function

The night audit itself is an audit of the guest ledger. The guest ledger (or front office ledger or transient ledger) is the collection of all accounts receivable for currently registered guests. It can also be defined as the collection of all guest folios. A folio (billing receipt) is the account of an individual guest who is currently registered. The guest ledger is distinct from the city ledger, which is the collection of accounts receivable for non-registered guests (such as credit card companies). The purpose of the night auditor is, but is not limited to, ensuring the accuracy of all financial information, and gathering all needed paperwork to complete the audit. This will include pulling any or all checked-out guests' registration cards, and making sure all guests are checked-out in the system that should be checked-out.
One task of the night auditor is posting the day's room rate and room tax to each guest folio at the close of business (which usually occurs from midnight to 2 AM).

Second, the night auditor must ensure the accuracy of the charges to the guest folios, ensuring that the sum of revenues due to accounts receivable from the various departments (i.e. Food & Beverage, Rooms, gift shop) found on the department control sheets equals the sum of the charges made to the guest folios.

The folios for guests who are scheduled to leave the next morning may be printed and delivered to the guests' rooms.
Most hotels currently use computerized property management systems (PMS) to help perform the night audit. This has significantly reduced the amount of time required to perform the audit, as well as the arithmetic skill required of the auditor. An audit for a 1,000-room hotel can be completed in an hour with a PMS, whereas it would have taken an eight-hour shift using previous generation technology (the NCR 4200 mechanical system).

Another duty of night auditors is to run daily management reports off the PMS. These include occupancy reports, calculations of average daily rate (ADR) and revenue per available room (Revpar).

Front desk function

Main article: Front desk

In addition to the accounting function, night auditors may also be required to perform the typical front desk functions during the graveyard shift. These functions include check-in, check-out, reservations, responding to guest complaints, coordinating housekeeping requests, and handling any emergencies that may arise.
Night auditors may work alongside a security officer to maintain a level of security during late-night hours for both night staff and guests. In addition to balancing the guest ledger, the night auditor is usually responsible for balancing the city ledger and the advance ledger. The city ledger consists of monies owed to the hotel by credit card companies and direct bill accounts. The city ledger also contains house accounts, such as management dry cleaning charges, or local phone call charges which are usually adjusted (written) off at the end of each month. The advance ledger is aptly named because it is a ledger for guests who have sent money in advance to either pay for or guarantee their stay. These funds are posted to the advance ledger when received by the hotel, and then transferred to the guests folio (in the guest ledger) upon arrival of that guest.

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The Beginning of Me...

hye you all......... ok, lame i x update blog ni... da nak masuk bulan mei daa?? haha.. biar benar??

ok, i fresh graduate, graduate on january and da ade pgalaman keje sampai bulan mei ni, ade 2.. yuppp... at first in hotel and tourism line, and currently in manufacturing line.. (dept accounts).

saje nak challenge diri sendiri keje kat bidang sekarang, ok mmg mencabaaarrrrr sangattttt...... tolooooonggggg...... (tapi i kena redha, sabar dan kuat semangat..takkan sebab tak tahan nak resign pulak? its your way Nadiah, u choose for it to undergo your can u lose it just because u cannot adapt it? huhu.... so shame on u if u choose to resign Nadiah!! huuuu....) membebel sorang2.. ok, i ngaku i sebenar nye jenis yang sensitif sikit...

but i do like hotel and tourism, i think it really suits me.. kah3..(* tiba2.. ) yelah, tiap kali cuti sem keje kat tempat macam2, seronok pulak dapat pengalaman kerja kat bidang yang berbeza walaupun sekejap...

and so sad, i cant attend my convocation day this 20th may..... ;(

and one more, i am B-2-B (bride-to-be) since last February.. erkkk..perlu ke beritau macam tu? hehe.. takde je, saje nak share berita baek dengan kawan2 di sini....

bile kawin? ok jawapan nye --> i dont know sebab sedang berusaha keras kumpul duet nak kahwin... hahaha...

a picture of me during my engagement day.. baju beli da siap aje kat first lady, hantaran buat sendiri ye you all..haha..teringat lagi beli bekas hantaran & bunga hiasan..nak carik yang murah sampai satu JB ni pusing dengan my mum.. takde harapan nak sewa baju & pelamin dengan mak andam sebab masa da suntukkkk...

and the backdrop made by my uncle (bukan pelamin)..mujur ade dia, kalau nak harap i, memang takde maknanye nak cantek macam dalam gambar ni..hihi... ni semua kelam kabut buat preparation sebab  baru jek balik rumah sebaik saja abes exam, terus kena pinang.. off pulakkkk ko Nadiah!

Dulang pihak lelaki 5, berbalas 7 oleh pihak Nadiah..mula2 taktau nak letak ape dalam dulang tu, yelah sebab i anak sulung & family pun takde pengalaman..then, kawan i kate kalau bertunang letak barang2 unsur manisan gitu... haaa.. then i letak la coklat banyak2, buah-buahan & kek yang i order dari kawan i..(syukur sangat dapat kawan yang pandai buat cake ni..) hihi.. and one more, mula2 nak balas dengan 5dulang hantaran jugak (moden katenya..haha..) tapi my mum tak bagi.. keh3.. suke2 aje kan..

The theme colour chose by my mother.. she likes pink..

my mother, my everything.... ;)

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